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February 21, 2010
DISCOGRAPHY: 2 Meter Sessies, Live At Roskilde Festival 94, Zone Sessions, Live On Rage videos and more. LYRICS: Sarah. COMMENTS: Nineteeneighties, Virginia Creeper.
January 29, 2010
DISCOGRAPHY: Soft Asylum (No Way Out) single. COMMENTS: Virginia Creeper, Mobilize. LINKS: Paul Kimble & Joey Peters.
November 23, 2009
TABS/CHORDS: Little Moon. LYRICS: Virginia Creeper, Nineteeneighties, Stragelet.
October 17, 2009
First update after the move to www.homespunarchive.com (Septermber 2009). Some Shiva Burlesque LYRICS. DISCOGRAPHY: various.
March 27, 2007
New index page. TABS/CHORDS: all Virginia Creeper and Strangelet songs.
November 22, 2002
New layout for Lyrics and Tabs/Chords sections. DISCOGRAPHY: some new info. TABS/CHORDS: Smile, Snow Flakes, Make Your Own Little Heaven, Lo' And Behold, 20 of 22 known Shiva Burlesque tracks. GUESTBOOK ARCHIVE.
August 24, 2002
Design and structure changes. DISCOGRAPHY: new info on GLB/P singles, compilations, bootlegs and videos (all the recent records added, a lot of new cover pics); complete inlay info on Mobilize and some singles; lists of alternative releases (promo, vinyl etc.) for every album. LYRICS: all Grant Lee Buffalo / Phillips are now available (all official records, bootlegs and even the unreleased stuff). TABS/CHORDS: Stockton (Black Sessions), Living Proof (Recordings For Velvet Goldmine), Goodnight Horse, Buckaroo (Spring Released Single), Hugo's Theme, Sunday Best (Mobilize Bonus Tracks), Midnight (Live @KCRW), Wave Of Mutilation, Kwan Song, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Beware Of Darkness, Ashes To Ashes, Cosmic Dancer (covers from the Mobilize world tour 2002); Will Come 'Round, Sarah (now with lyrics). MEDIA: We All Get A Taste video, Humankind video (live performance), Satellite Of Love (Robyn Hitchcock and Grant Lee Phillips, live), Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (live) mp3; 30 sec. sound samples from all Grant Lee Buffalo / Phillips albums. GRANT'S COMMENTS: new comments on all GLB albums, Mobilize and latest non-album tracks. LINKS: Blue Heaven (Paul Kimble's Page), GLB/GLP forums and chats. RINGTONES for mobile phones (Siemens).
January 3, 2002
DISCOGRAPHY: new info on GLB/P singles, compilations, soundtracks, bootlegs and videos; complete inlay info on Ladies' Love Oracle and Storm Hymnal. LYRICS: entire Storm Hymnal, Bitter's End (Paul Kimble and Andy Mackay, Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack), Me And This City (Grant, I-10 Chronicles, Vol. 2 (Compilation)); Homespun (Edit), Jupiter And Teardrop (Single Mix), Cherry Orchard, Who Is Mona Lisa?, Chester The Chimp (Shiva Burlesque); corrections to Mobilize (entire album), Dixie Drug Store (Juju Mix), Candy Says, Jealous Guy, Don't Look Down, St. Expedite, Arabesque (Shiva Burlesque). TABS/CHORDS: entire Storm Hymnal, entire Mobilize (now with lyrics), Me And This City, Sunday Best / Over The Moon, Candy Says, Bitter's End, Work The Rat, Cherry Orchard and Arabesque (Shiva Burlesque); corrections to Jealous Guy, The Whole Shebang and more. MEDIA: Humankind (RealAudio), small downloadable excerpts from Mobilize, I Feel Beautiful (Grant and Robyn Hitchcock). GRANT'S COMMENTS: new comments on Storm Hymnal, Mobilize, Mighty Joe Moon, Fuzzy and non-album tracks. LINKS: Arousing Thunder (live pics), Grant Lee Phillips on Rounder.com, Grant Lee Phillips / Buffalo Gallery on Trudge, Strychnine (some GLB tabs), Phillips' 'Publicity Downloads' on Rounder.com, GLB on iq451.com.
September 9, 2001
DISCOGRAPHY: recordings for Witchblade Series (TNT) 2001. TABS/CHORDS: Cathain Legend, Sarah; corrections/additions to some GLB rarities. MEDIA: Live Performance At GetMusic.com (GLP, 2001); Live Performance At KCRW Radio (Morning Becomes Eclectic) (GLP, September 5, 2000). LINKS: online chat with Grant - transcripts (08-29-2001, Jam!Music); GetMusic.com feat. Grant Lee Phillips. LYRICS: entire Mobilize.
August 24, 2001
LYRICS: Gold Chain Drag (Lone Star Song Single), Cathain Legend (Witchblade Series on TNT). TABS/CHORDS: Gold Chain Drag, Brother Lantern (2 Meter Sessies), Will Come 'Round (unreleased), Jealous Guy and Isolation (John Lennon covers). MEDIA: Live Performance At Acoustic Cafe Radio (2000), Live Performance At KCRW Radio (Morning Becomes Eclectic) (Grant Lee Buffalo, 1998) in Real Audio. GRANT'S COMMENTS: new comments on Mobilize and Copperopolis. LINKS: www.GrantLeeBuffalo.com.
July 24, 2001
DISCOGRAPHY: Spring Released (Promo Single). LYRICS: See America, Sleepless Lake; Climbing To The Moon (Eels cover); some slight changes to Mighty Joe Moon; Indian Summer and Arabesque (Shiva Burlesque). TABS/CHORDS: entire Mobilize. MEDIA: entire Mobilize, Happiness (GLP solo), It's The Life, We Three Kings Of Orient Are, See America in streaming audio. GRANT'S COMMENTS: some comments on Fuzzy, Mighty Joe Moon and Jubilee, Mobilize (Spring Released) and non-album tracks (Cathain Legend, Sarah). Some new LINKS.
June 21, 2001
TABS/CHORDS: I Will Take Him, Orpheus, Let Go Of My Hand, Goodnight John Dee, Across The Universe, recycling bin. UPDATES.
June 11, 2001
LYRICS: some GLP covers. DISCOGRAPHY: compilations, bootlegs, track list for Mobilize, new info for singles + some changes. GRANT'S COMMENTS: non-album tracks and Mobilize. TABS/CHORDS: corrections in Mockingbirds. LINKS: www.Sonicnet.com - GLB section.
June 4, 2001
TABS/CHORDS: Jubilee and some GLB/GLP Rarities. LYRICS: some GLB/GLP rarities. DISCOGRAPHY: albums, singles, soundtracks, videos. MEDIA: links to audio/video downloads and streaming audio archives. GRANT'S COMMENTS: Fuzzy, Mighty Joe Moon, Copperopolis, Jubilee, Ladies' Love Oracle.
May 27, 2001
Birthday of the site. LYRICS and TABS/CHORDS for Fuzzy, Mighty Joe Moon, Copperopolis, Ladies' Love Oracle. LINKS. COUNTER. GUESTBOOK.