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Discography - Videos

Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy /MTV2/
Released: 1993

There's an official industry issue of this video on VHS.
It's 4:18 in length.

Grant Lee Buffalo - El Dorado Motorhome
Released: 1994

El Dorado Motorhome invites a rare peek into the luminous world of Grant Lee Buffalo. It is a lifting of the latch, a torch-lit walk into those woods that lie beyond the paved road of reason. Shot while the group was engaged in the creation of the new album Mighty Joe Moon, El Dorado Motorhome captures the spirit and indeed the chaos of the moment. The film features impromptu performances from the songbook of Mighty Joe Moon and provides a surreal companion to the album's enchanted landscape.
For promotional use only. Not for sale.
Directed by Carlos Grasso.

Grant Lee Buffalo 1994 E.P.K. 17:26
VHS NTSC (Stereo)
Slash Records
The Mastering Studio 06/15/1994

El Dorado Motorhome is a promotional video Grant Lee Buffalo made at the time they were recording the album Mighty Joe Moon. The video is an eclectic, artistic collection of images and quotes from the band. Grant Lee Buffalo opens the video with Last Days of Tecumseh, followed my Mighty Joe Moon, It's The Life, and Honey Don't think. There are strange interviews in between the songs.

Grant Lee Buffalo - Mockingbirds
Released: 1994

Grant Lee Buffalo - Lone Star Song
Released: 1994

This video appear on the Rock Video Monthly - "Alternative Releases March 1995" video tape.
It's over 30 min. in length, full color, stereo hi-fi, VHS, standard play speed, U.S.A. version. It includes 10 videos/songs: Grant Lee Buffalo "Lone Star Song", Dave Matthews Band "What Would You Say", Live "Lightning Crashes", Collective Soul "Gel", and 6 more.

Grant Lee Buffalo - Honey Don't Think
Released: 1994

Grant Lee Buffalo - Live On Rage
Released: January 1995

1. Mockingbirds (5:02)
2. Honey Don't Think (2:39)
3. Drag (3:08)
4. Fuzzy (5:18)
5. Mighty Joe Moon (2:55)

In January 1995, during their world tour with R.E.M., Grant Lee Buffalo made an appearance on the Australian music TV show Rage and performed 5 songs live in the Rage studios (Sydney).

Grant Lee Buffalo - Homespun
Released: 1996

Grant Lee Buffalo - Testimony
Released: 1998

Grant Lee Buffalo - Truly, Truly /David Letterman Show/
Released: 06-30-1998

This is a promo only VHS video for Grant Lee Buffalo on the David Letterman show 06-25-1998. This video was sent to radio and retail directly from the record company and was never available to the public.
This is an original promo with the large Warner Bros. Mastering Studio sticker on it:"David Letterman Show" 6/25/98 Grant Lee Buffalo.

Clear slip case
Hi-Fi stereo
Segment time is 4:14

Grant Lee Buffalo on Music Magazine Circuit DVD
Released: June 1999

This DVD features the following artist: The Cardigans, Cake, REM Beck, Guided By Voices, Grant Lee Buffalo, Paul Kimble, Ron Asheton, Rialto, Liquid Liquid.

This is a professionally mastered DVD distributed by Virgin Megastores and Tower in limited quantities. The title is CIRCUIT (1). It's 117 minutes in length. Completely interactive, with alternate tracks and 2.0 / 5.1 channel surround sound.

Grant Lee Buffalo: the DVD has a little behind the scenes look at a show at the Hollywood Palace from the Jubilee tour. It's a 22-min. video that was made backstage.
It includes interviews, Truly, Truly, which played on stage in entirety and APB, which comes in on a second verse.
Paul Kimble: the DVD features an interview about making the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.

Grant Lee Buffalo - APB /HBO Reverb/
Released: 1998

This video features a live version of APB recorded in 9:30 Club in Washington, DC and a short interview with Grant Lee Phillips. Musicians: Grant Lee Phillips - electric guitar, Bill Bonk - bass, back vocal, Joey Peters - drums, Phil Parlapiano - 12-string guitar, back vocal. The video is ca. 4 min. in length.

Grant Lee Buffalo - We All Get A Taste
Released: May 2002

Grant Lee Phillips on 1 Giant Leap Video/DVD
Released: 09-10-2002

In 2001 Jamie Catto, film maker and founding member of Faithless and artist/producer Duncan Bridgeman, joined forces to create the project, 1 Giant Leap. They embarked upon a global journey that included Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, United Stated and United Kingdom, equipped solely with a digital audio camera and a vision. This vision - to capture and share with others, the unique fusion of sound, image and spoken word from some of the world's most influential artists and musicians such as Robbie Williams, Neneh Cherry, Michael Stipe, Dennis Hopper, Asha Bhosle, Kurt Vonnegut, Baaba Maal and Grant Lee Phillips. This video/DVD release captures the visuals of their journey around the globe in making this truly beautiful album.

Grant Lee Phillips And Robyn Hitchcock - Elixirs & Remedies (DVD/VHS)

Director: Kris Kristensen
Studio: CustomFlix
Premiere: 24 April 2002
VHS release: late 2002
DVD release: 13 July 2006
Running time: 90 minutes

Filmed live at Seattle's Crocodile Cafe.

1. Cynthia Mask - Robyn Hitchcock
2. Squint - Grant Lee Phillips
3. Queen Elvis - Robyn Hitchcock
4. I Feel Beautiful - Robyn Hitchcock
5. Lonesome Serenade - Grant Lee Phillips
6. I Saw Nick Drake - Robyn Hitchcock
7. Gene Hackman - Robyn Hitchcock
8. Don't Look Down - Grant Lee Phillips
9. Honey, Don't Think - Grant Lee Phillips
10. Ant Woman - Robyn Hitchcock / Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix
11. Fuzzy - Grant Lee Phillips
12. Happiness - Grant Lee Phillips
13. Mighty Joe Moon - Grant Lee Phillips
14. Uncorrected Personality Traits - Robyn Hitchcock
15. Ring Of Fire - June Carter/Merle Kilgore / Folsom Prison Blues - John Cash
16. (All I Have To Do Is) Dream - Brian Bouldeaux
17. Medley

Bonus tracks:
1. Heavenly - Grant Lee Phillips
2 . Trams Of Old London - Robyn Hitchcock
3 . Mockingbirds - Grant Lee Phillips
4 . Viva! Seatec (with Scott McCaughey) - Robyn Hitchcock

Step right up, Ladies and Gents, step right up! Are you suffering from a case of the blues, or a bout of gout? Then ELIXIRS & REMEDIES is just what the doctor ordered. A cure for all that ails you. Shot during Robyn Hitchcock and Grant Lee Phillips' brief "Grand Campaign 2000" tour, this intimate concert film is guaranteed to make you laugh, hopes to make you cry and promises to relieve you of any discomfort from reality. Buy ELIXIRS & REMEDIES... a sonic tonic indeed!

"You'd be a sucker to miss this!"
-- Sean Nelson, THE STRANGER

"[Hitchcock and Phillips] natural chemistry carries over to the charming banter between songs"
-- Paul Fontana, SEATTLE WEEKLY

"The music is topnotch and would make fans squeal with delight."
-- Alex Trophy, TABLET